About Us


“IM began at a time when there were only 3 a capella groups on campus (The Knights, the Knightingales, and Exit 69). Our group was formed because we felt like there was something missing from the Carleton a capella scene. When I approached Chris I said, “they’re not doing anything we can’t do…” We then got together with two other friends and selected the name IM. We were very clear that we wanted a group that was unique and different that sung music that was creative, fun and soulful, but we did not limit ourselves to any specific genre of music or ethnic association. As IM grows I hope it takes on the form and shape of those who embody what it truly stands for, a joy in creating feel good, soul moving music. Reading music has never been a mandatory prerequisite because loving music and being able to sing is usually all you need. I believe that IM will continue to grow and change. I hope it will. If it doesn’t, it will fade and become just another a capella group and this would defeat its purpose.” – founder Elisha Hall ’07


People often ask us what makes Intertwining Melodies different from other a capella groups at Carleton. When we answer this question, we end up talking about our philosophy, which emphasizes fun and community as integral parts of making music.

Item 1: Our Taglines

Intertwining Melodies: Co-ed a capella at its grooviest
Intertwining Melodies: We think we’re funny.
Intertwining Melodies: Salmon shorts, b***h.
Intertwining Melodies: Jenga.
Intertwining Melodies: The wrong kind of funky.
Intertwining Melodies: We’re trash.
Intertwining Melodies…makes you say “oh.”
Intertwining Melodies: It don’t have to change.

Item 2: Our Mission

Despite what our signature song says, it does have to change – we’ve been a group for 11 years, and that means that 11 senior classes have graduated from Carleton and 11 freshman classes have entered the school during that time. We remain committed to soulful and inventive arrangements, R&B music, John Legend, and a little bit of Disney now and then. Beyond that, our most important mission is to build community through song.

Item 3: Our Core Values

This is what we believe in: making awesome music with our awesome friends; sharing that music with our community; and always maintaining a sense of humor in our music and our relationships with each other.

Item 4: Our Amazingness

We also really like pontificating about our purpose in life. It’s fun and it makes us laugh. We love a capella, but what we love even more is being hilarious. That should be pretty evident.

We’re also extremely modest.


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