Intertwining Now



Intertwining Melodies, or IM, is a co-ed a capella group at Carleton College. While we don’t have a set “genre,” we tend to sing mostly R&B music (with a little Disney every now and then). For a sampling of songs we’ve done over the past few years, visit our Melodies section.

We have approximately 10 members, some real and some imaginary. Between us, we choose and arrange all of our own songs.  If you’d like to know more about these talented individuals, click on the Meet IM tab at the top of the page. If you’re feeling nostalgic or you’re in need of a good cry, you can look at our Alumni page.

We usually hold auditions at the beginning of the year, so if you want to become a part of IM (and who doesn’t?), look for posters at the beginning of fall term and at the activities fair (Friday of 1st week)!

If you want to come see us perform, check out our Events tab – we’ll keep you posted on all of our concerts, jam sessions, and concert hall basement shenanigans.

Not sure what to think? Want to hear a little bit of our music? Go to our Video section and click on links for serious tuneage. It’s OK if we just blew your mind.

Thanks for paying us a visit – we’ll see you at our next concert!

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Come and sway and dance and sing,
Listen to us now.
Intertwining Melodies intertwining now!

IM: Groovin’ since 2003.

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